About Patriot Media Consulting, LLC

Established in September 2007, Patriot Media Consulting is engaged in the evaluation, acquisition and management of cable investments. With a managerial team combining nearly 200 years of industry experience, our success is based on a foundational plan of: infrastructure investment; improved customer service; upgraded technical and network operations; innovative sales and marketing strategies; enhanced bundling opportunities; and the introduction of new and advanced product offerings.

Prior to September 2007, the members of Patriot Media Consulting managed Patriot Media and Communications, the incumbent cable operator serving 31 communities in Central New Jersey, for 4-1/2 years.

Patriot Media Team

Patriot Media Consulting • 650 College Road East • Suite 3100, Princeton NJ 08540

Office: (609) 452-8197 • Fax: (609) 452-2540

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