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RCN Corporation Announces New Executive Corporate Management

Seasoned Cable Industry Team to Manage Operations

Princeton, NJ (August 26, 2010) – RCN Corporation has named a new management team to lead its residential and small business organizations, effective immediately. The corporate group will be led by CEO Jim Holanda. Holanda is the former President of Patriot Media in central New Jersey and current CEO of Choice Cable TV of Puerto Rico. Steven J. Simmons will serve as the company’s Chairman. He is the former CEO of Patriot Media and current Chairman of Choice Cable TV of Puerto Rico. Both are industry veterans with substantial track records and impressive histories of improving local and regional cable system operations.

Under this new management structure, RCN will continue to run operations in Boston, Chicago, New York City, Washington, DC, Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley (PA) without interruption to its 400,000 customers.

“RCN has been a leader in customer service, advanced technological infrastructure, product bundling and delivery in a very competitive environment,” said Holanda, stating that an evaluation period will assist in determining what enhancements, upgrades and additional offerings can provide even greater customer satisfaction. “We look forward to further developing every aspect of our customers’ experience by offering the best possible service and value,” he added.

Joining Simmons and Holanda at RCN are several former Patriot Media executives: John Flanagan, CFO; Patrick Murphy, Sr. Vice President, Engineering; John Gdovin, Sr. Vice President, Administration; and Robert Roeder, Sr. Vice President, Network Services.

While heading up Patriot Media, this executive team successfully managed a previously stand-alone RCN cable system serving 118,000 households in central New Jersey. Patriot Media was named 2006 Independent Cable Operator of the Year by Cable World magazine in partnership with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) and the American Cable Association (ACA). The national cable-industry award annually recognizes outstanding achievement in the areas of technology, operations and community involvement.

In addition, the group manages Choice Cable TV of Puerto Rico and has launched numerous product improvements and upgrades, including a new residential phone service, digital and high-definition channel additions and having twice doubled internet download speeds in less than two years.

"We bring decades of strong industry expertise to RCN. Our goal is to build upon the company’s successes and develop an even higher standard of customer service, product integrity and offerings, technological advancements, employee satisfaction and involvement in the community,” Simmons said.


RCN Corporation www.rcn.com, is a competitive broadband services provider delivering all-digital and high-definition video, high-speed internet and premium voice services to residential and small-medium business customers under the brand names of RCN and RCN Business Services, respectively. RCN's primary service areas include Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley (PA), New York City, Boston and Chicago.

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