$20 Million Investment On Island Benefits Choice Customers

Ponce, PR, August 10, 2009 -Choice Cable TV today announced numerous improvements and upgrades including a new residential phone service, channel additions and increased internet download speeds, made possible by its $20 million investment in infrastructure and technology on the island over the past 20 months.

Choice Digital Telephone offers unlimited telephone calls across all zones in Puerto Rico and is priced as low as $25.00 each month. The fixed monthly rate includes 13 of the most popular calling features such as voicemail, Caller ID and Call Waiting, and is available as a stand-alone service or in combination with customers' cable TV and/or internet services. For an additional $15.00 per month, customers can make unlimited calls to anywhere in the United States with no restrictions. Digital Telephone utilizes a broadband connection which lets customers surf the internet, watch cable television, and talk on their telephone simultaneously without having to worry about reduced bandwidth or voice break-up.

Nine new channels will air beginning September 4th and include KidsTV PR, ESPNU and Chiller plus six more HD channels: ABC HD, Disney HD, ABC Family HD, USA HD, Bravo HD and Syfy HD. KidsTV PR offers the best in public programming for children such as Barney, Sesame Street and Caillou. ESPNU is the go-to channel for college sports - basketball, football, baseball and more - while Chiller caters to horror movie fans. Choice has added more than 20 channels during the past one and one-half years.

The doubling of internet download speeds went into effect August 1st. Speeds of 1.5Mb, 3Mb, 4Mb, 5Mb and 7Mb have accelerated to 3Mb, 6Mb, 8Mb, 10Mb and 15Mb, respectively. With this increase, Choice Cable TV has twice doubled customers' internet speeds within ten months. For example, 768kps speeds increased to 1.5Mb in October 2008 and again earlier this month to 3Mb. The service utilizes the wire used to provide cable television services, making unnecessary a telephone line for dial-up access. The standard 3Mb service is $25.95 per month.

"Customers reap the benefits of Choice's continued investments in infrastructure and technology on the island. We have integrated our data and voice services in such a way to create a state-of-the-art phone service at an old-fashioned price. Choice internet users enjoy the fastest web-surfing experiences on the island and our TV subscribers have more networks to watch. And our customer service center is now available 24/7 to answer customer calls," said Michael Carrosquilla, Choice President and General Manager. "Our plans are to continue our investment and to deliver the best service and advanced products to Choice customers in Puerto Rico.

Choice Cable TV is the provider of cable TV, high-speed Internet and digital telephone in 31 municipalities in southern and western regions of Puerto Rico, covering from Quebradillas to Maunabo. It offers more than 250 all digital channels, five service options of high-speed Internet ranging from 3Mbps to 15Mbps and All-Puerto Rico or All Puerto Rico/US flat-rate telephone calling plans. Employing more than 330 employees, Choice has corporate offices in Ponce, customer service offices in Aguadilla, Mayagüez, San Germán, Ponce and Guayama; and sales kiosks in Aguadilla Mall and Plaza del Caribe in Ponce.


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