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Patriot Media Connects Its 10,000th Digital Phone Customer In Less Than One Year!

Somerset - Patriot Media announced today that their 10,000th Digital Phone customer was activated on October 31, 2006, in just under one year since the service was introduced.

Dawn Piquette of Hillsborough was identified as Patriot's 10,000th Digital Phone customer and no one knows better how important quality, reliable telephone service is. "My phone service is very important to me because I use it on a daily basis for work," said Ms. Piquette. "My daughter and I both also use it for personal phone calls every day and I am very happy with it. I call both locally and long distances and never have a problem. I am just thrilled to be the 10,000th phone customer for Patriot Media."

Jim Holanda, President of Patriot Media states, "We are especially pleased to have Ms. Piquette as our 10,000th phone customer because she is not only a successful local business woman, but also our neighbor, from right in our own Somerset backyard. We appreciate her loyalty and will continue to offer all of our neighbors the best services possible."

"We have received an amazing response to our relatively new phone service," he added. "This service has only been available to the public for one year and already we have surpassed 10,000 customers. This is just a testament to the kind of quality services we provide to our central New Jersey subscribers."

Ms. Piquette echoed this sentiment of an excellent service experience by adding, "My new phone installation ran very smoothly and Patriot Media has very nice techs and very nice customer service staff who are always helpful."

Patriot Media offers its' 10,000th customer - and all of its' customers - a money-saving three-fold telecommunications package of cable television, high-speed internet and digital phone services.

ABOUT PATRIOT MEDIA - Patriot Media & Communications CNJ, LLC is a privately-held company formed in 2002 by cable veteran Steven J. Simmons and Spectrum Equity Investors, a private equity firm specializing in media and communications investments. Patriot Media owns and operates the cable system in Central New Jersey, providing cable television, high-speed internet and digital phone services to over 118,000 homes with 2,700 miles of plant. Additional information can be found at www.patmedia.net.

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